Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Division and Multiplication Posters

Today for maths we wrote word problem posters themed around airports. We made 3 stories for Multiplication and 3 for Division. Here we are collaborating with each other to create our posters and stories.

Can you solve our number stories?
- There are 8 planes and each plane has 82 seats. How many seats are there altogether?
 - 800 people lined up in 10 lines at the airport. How many people were in each line?
 - There are 20 passengers and 2 planes. How many people go in each plane?
 - There are 11 planes and 23 people on each plane. How many people were on all 11 planes?
 - There were 5 bags and 4 people in the airport shop. How many bags could each person buy?


  1. Hi middle S!
    I like your maths problems. I thought about the 1st question...how would I work it out? I thought I would multiply 82x8 but then I thought that's a bit tricky so I thought, I'll multiply 80x8 first. I know that 8x8 is 64 so I added a 0 on the end (because it's 80x8) so 80x8 is 640. Then I said 8x2=16 (that's the left over 2 from 82) Then I added 640+16=656. Am I correct? I hope so!!
    You're doing such great work middle s...well done!

    Love Margie m

    1. Hello, we really liked how you worked out the question and it is correct.

      From Middle S

  2. Hi Middle S
    If there are 20 passengers and two planes, am I right in assuming that equal numbers of passengers would go on each plane? If so am I right in saying that 20 passengers divided by 2 planes = 10 passengers per plane? Did I get it right? Its fun to do puzzles like this. Perhaps you should create a sheet to send home for the parents to do.
    Looking forward to your next blog.

  3. Good questions Middle S. The 2nd, 3rd and 5th questions could all have different answers, depending on how you worked them out!! I have never seen EVEN lines at the airport yet, and maybe there were a different amount of people each of the planes?? I also wonder if all 4 people needed a bag, but I sure wouldn't want to have 1/4 of a bag - what would you do with that??!! Keep having fun at maths.
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)

  4. Hi all you Middle S Guru's. Maths is way more interesting these days!!. When you really think about it you could do maths stories for almost everything in the entire world.

    Cinema seats, Cafes, At the check out at Safeway. Which is the most popular isle - the lolly isle of course!!.

    Keep on thinking outside the square and make maths the coolest subject of the century.
    Trudi G

  5. Hello fellow Middle S pupils!

    It's great to see the level of maths equations you are all producing! Keep up the high standard!

    Great work!

    Anna Le.

  6. I love seeing the great work that you are all doing especially in maths! What a great way to learn, helping each other to make the posters. Collaboration is a fabulous way to develop your thinking and learning skills. Maybe you could come and share some of your posters with the seniors.
    Keep up the great work all you mathematicians!
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  7. Hello to all you mathematicians in Middle S.
    I've had such fun working out your number stories. These are my answers :-
    1. 8x82= 656 seats altogether
    2. 800/10= 80 people in each line
    3. 20/2= 10 people in each plane
    4. 11x23= 253people altogether
    5. one bag each and one bag left over, or one person could buy two!! That would be the fair way of working that problem out but what if the 1st person who was served first in the shop bought all 5 bags??? Could there be several combinations ??? I hope I did OK!!
    I love these type of maths problems. I use formulas to work out math problems in my nursing,to work out how much medicine to give my patient's.
    Try this maths problem:
    If my patient requires 1g(1000mg) of panadol and the tablet only comes in a 500mg dose (per tablet)how many tablets would I need to give? The formula i use is : Stock required divided by standard stock = amount(volume)
    Answer:1000mg/500mg =2 tablets
    Hope you have fun discussing this problem!!
    From Claire Xx Ps Maddy and I have come up with more plane number stories, so stay tuned.....

  8. Hi from Maddy and Claire.
    We have thought of some new plane number problems for you all to try.
    1. In the plane going to QLD, there were four rows which had four seats in each. How many seats in that plane?
    Can you draw a diagram to show the seats in the plane?
    2. There are 20 people altogether in a plane, there are 4 people in each row.How many rows are there in this plane?

    Have fun working out these maths problems!!!
    Maddy & Claire


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