Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Persuasive Writing Audioboo

We are studying the language of persuasive writing in class. We practised using language that links our reasons for and against an idea. We used words such as "however" and "conversely" and phrases such as "On the other hand".
Can you think of other words we could use?
p.s. the volume is low so please turn it up on the device you are using


  1. Spinning chairs are wonderful for comfort and height, then again many children are diatracted by them moving around and changing them instead of concentrating. Home schooling would be fabulous if your mum or dad are teachers and you actually listened to them and sat down for lessons, on the other hand they couldn't go to work to get extra money for the fuel and food and may have other small children to look after! It would be amazing to have the canteen open everyday, especially if only healthy snacks were sold, nonetheless you would be asking to spend more money there which your family may not be able to afford. I could comment on each subject on the other hand it is getting too long and i am running out of time!! Keep up the diverse thinking! Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)

    1. Thank you for commenting on our blog and we really appreciate you for giving us extra advice and words.

      Middle S

  2. Very interesting topic that you're studying. Do you think a lot of you are already good at persuasive talking, when trying to get your parents to do something you want them to do? Could you also use "alternatively"?

    1. Thank you Cate for commenting on our blog and giving us the word, "alternatively".

      From Middle S

  3. Great work middles! Your arguments are very convincing. It is wonderful that you are using such great persuasive skills in your written and oral language. Well done?
    Mrs Gridley


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