Friday, 30 March 2012

Our Community Actions

On Wednesday, some of the Middles went to the Avenue Community House and delivered and performed our Inquiry actions that we had completed at school.
Some of us presented food and money that we raised at school to the Avenue staff members.
They were extremely surprised and happy to see what we had done.
We also met a little buddy when we visited the child care centre.

Overall we had a great time learning about and helping the community.
From Middle S and Ms Scott =)


  1. What a wonderful activity. It sounds like the presentation went really smoothly - well done to you all !!!

  2. I love your actions! Being involved and part of the Community is very important and something you will remember. It is always good to know what others are doing and how we can help.
    Fabulous job
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)


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