Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Dec and Joel’s P.E. lesson

Reflection on Dec and Joel’s P.E. lesson
Dec – Alexander for catching and fielding with everything that he had. Good technique
Joel - Max and Bianca, because they were fair players and they didn’t argue and they didn’t walk out of the game
Feedback for D n J:
Bianca – very good that you did this
Olivia – Dec cheered people on and helped them
Max – you set up group and helped us
Oscar – good sports
Rosie – it was good how you encouraged people and told them what to do
James – you were encouraging and good sports
Yar – it was really fun!
Erin – it was good if someone needed help you explained it
Next Time:
Rosie – just do one sport
Bianca – do class versus class
Celia - less people walking off
Sophie S. – good to learn a less familiar sport
Chantelle – need to be aware of numbers e.g. basketball
Caitlin – focus just on one sport, because if you have 2 sports going it could get confusing. Otherwise you taught the skills well.

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