Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Measuring Area

We measured the area of the vegie patch and we discovered it was 6m2
We measured the area of the seat - Alex, Riley, James and Grace
We were measuring the chessboard while working as a team. The area is 49m2 - Will, Natalie, Adam and Kitty
We measured the area outside the drink taps. 
We measured the area of the oval, by running fast with the trundle wheel. It is 900m2.
Some questions for you...
- How do you measure the area of a circle? - Will
- What sort of things in every day life do you have to use measurement of area for? - Maddy
- What do you think we should measure? - Kitty & Piers
- Where do we use area? - Dylan, Angus, Nat
- When in your job do you use area to measure things? - James
- What else could you measure? - Jasmine


  1. Dear Middle S
    I am looking at getting new floor covering in my lounge room. I want to roughly know how much it is going to cost me. I need to measure the area of the room, so I can work out how much it is going to cost. All floor coverings are priced per metre sq.
    Mrs C

  2. Hi Middle S. Madeline's dad, Ross has to measure things every day. He is a tiler and needs to know what the area he is going to tile measures in total and then also what size he needs to cut each tile to. He also needs to know the area measurement so that he knows how many tiles each room will need to complete the job. Suzi

  3. Piers From School28 November 2013 at 16:50

    For Jasmine's question, you could do Ms Scott's Computer? The Netbook Holder?.

  4. Hey Middle S,
    Maths is fun especially measuring! I measure a circle two different ways, 1 way is a bit complicated.
    1. use string and put it around the outside and cut it so it exactly fits the circle, then measure the string.
    2. to find out the measurement of a CIRCUMFRENCE (perimeter of circle) measure the width of the inside of the circle (diameter) and half of width is (radius) then times the full length by pi= 3.41 that's you answer!
    Have fun measuring Middle S!
    Hannah (Mother Nature)


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