Monday, 9 December 2013

Inventions and Innovations at Scienceworks

On Friday, we went to Scienceworks. I learnt a lot about how different machines work and what other people think the future inventions will be – Maddy
I learnt that one way to be invisible is by going behind a mirror without a reflection, at the Carnival of Science – Jack
At Scienceworks, I learnt that cars can be eco-friendly and also not eco-friendly. When I designed a car I made it with bamboo and other natural materials – Piers
We went to a new exhibition called, “Think Ahead” and we could see what machines looked like in the past, in the future and now – Kitty
I figured out how the bed of nails works in the Carnival of Science. It’s because of your body pushing the nails down – Dylan
For the crazy bikes in the carnival of science, if you are going to turn left you have to turn right – Diesel
In the Carnival of science I found out the bed of nails doesn’t hurt because there’s lots of nails going into your back not just one – Nat
I learnt in the Carnival of science that the spinning tent looks like you are going around but it’s not. It’s the tent going around. In Think Ahead I learnt how we can keep the city healthy, by not making buildings that pollute the city – Will
I now know what Pod cars look like. I also liked how there was a robot that got up and danced – Adam
At Think Ahead I learnt about some more stuff that could help the environment, like this thing that is a pole with a container in it that goes around the whole place and comes back. Outside the exhibition it could send real medicine within hospitals – Alex
I learnt that everyone might have a pod car in the future and if you have a crash you are safe – Brandon C.
In Think Ahead, there was these plates with food on them. On the plates there were crickets and cockroaches and salad on them. It told you what food to have in the future and what not to eat – Jamie
In Think Ahead I saw this thing and it showed what past, present and future of buses looked like. I thought it was cool to see future buses – Grace
I learnt what future cars would be like. My invention is a car and I have added to it because of my experience at Science works – Angus
At the Carnival of Science I learnt how the bed of nails works. Since the nails are spread over a wide area it doesn’t hurt – Travis
In the future there’s going to be electric motor bikes – Mia

In the Carnival of Science, there was a spinning tent. When you went in the tent you would feel really dizzy because the tent was spinning around fast whilst you were standing there. I think this was because it was tight and dark in there – Rosie

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  1. Dear Middle S,
    The Carnival of Science sounds interesting. If you had included photos it would have been even better. Piers did you make the bamboo car at school or at Scienceworks? We learnt about science this term from Toys. We learnt how toys move- push, pull, gravity, friction, batteries and magnets. After reading your post Tom wants to go back to Scienceworks. The bed of nails made Tom think about the magician Constantino. Do you know who he is
    from Tom and Andrew


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