Friday, 15 November 2013

Our Design Projects

     All the Middles are making inventions for a problem or a need that we wanted to fix – Kitty
       All the Middles have thought about a particular problem they would like to help and they are going to make an invention that will help other people – Maddy
This term all the Middles have seen a need in the world and thought of an invention to help it – Jasmine
       We’ve been watching “Wallace and Gromit’s World of Inventions” and it has been inspiring us to make inventions. Some people have tried to make miniature versions of the inventions – Piers
       We have thought of something that could help a need and so we have invented that would fix it. If it’s really hard to make we will make a model of it – Adam
       We got a booklet this week and on the first page we had to write how our invention would help other people. Under that we had to let our minds go wild with ideas! – Jack
       On Thursday, I got an Inquiry booklet and I started to fill it in. On the first page, it said pick a need and invent something that could help with the need. I’m thinking of inventing a robot bin that will help stop people throwing rubbish everywhere, by sensing rubbish all over the world and picking rubbish up really fast – Alex


  1. I have heard that there is a great deal of creativity and passion in Middle S.
    Has anyone though of an innovative idea or invention that maybe no one else has thought of?
    Has anyone discovered something about how they learn?
    Problems in the world are solved when people such as yourselves think of creative solutions and are not afraid to try, take risks and sometimes fail. It is sometimes through our failures that true learning can take place. Keep up the great work.

  2. Inventions, inventions.... they keep the world developing and people thinking! I like the idea of a robot bin Alex, but wouldn't it be gresat if everyone put the rubbish in the bin in the first place so we didn't need it!! Happy inventing Middles. I look forward to seeing some of your ideas.
    Mrs Bellesini :)


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