Friday, 15 November 2013

This week in Maths: division

This week, our class have been learning about division and we are solving sums using MAB (blocks) and counters – Ruby
       Before this week started I found division quite tricky. Then when I started to use the MAB blocks and counters I found division easy – Grace
This week we have been learning about division and we were modelling it and we were using counting charts, which were good because it made more sense, because you could see the numbers – Mia
       When we were doing division this week I found MAB blocks a bit confusing. When I used grouping with the MAB’s one by one, I found it a bit easier – Jack
       With easy division sums I did doubling to solve the sums. With 15÷2, I counted by 2’s and got to 14 and there was 1 remainder – Jamie
       I find that MAB helps me a lot because I can see a picture of them. I find counters and counting charts confusing – Rosie
       I’m glad that we have learnt more about division because when I saw a division problem on a test I thought, “Oh, no! It’s the dreaded division”. Now that I have learnt more about it I don’t think division is that hard - Maddy

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