Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Middle S and our Garden Store

Alex – yesterday, there was a mini fair and we did a garden store. At the garden stall there was drink bottles, plants, vegetables and brain food containers. I think the brain food containers were quite popular and the drink bottles sold out first.

Piers – when we were working at our garden shop we did it in shifts. When it wasn’t our shift, we got to buy stuff at the other ‘shops’.

Adam – each class sold different items like toys, books, food, and games. With the chocolate throw the further away you threw your coin the bigger the chocolate you could win. It was also very fun

Will – All of Middle S were surprised at how much money we raised.

Jasmine – we all helped to sell the plants at our stall and we raised a lot of money.

Jamie – I think we worked as a team and I thought we did a really good job of selling our plants and decorations

Kitty – The most popular stalls was the chocolate throw and the lolly stall

Maddy & Riley – they were raising money for a girls’ home in Laguna in the Philippines. They want to build a playground.

Jack – I think the chocolate throw raised the most money because it’s a game that people seemed to really want to play and it was a good ‘deal’.


  1. Fantastic x stall looks great and what a great idea

  2. Hi Middle S, I bought some lettuce, parsley and brain food containers. The shop keepers were very good sales people. Alex W could sell ice to an eskimo!

    How much did your stall make and how much did all the classes make?

  3. I enjoyed the mini fair and especially the sustainability stall. I came away with a strawberry plant, some lettuce seedlings, silverbeet (which I used to make spanakopita) and two brain food containers. I really loved the enthusiasm all the stall-holders showed towards their customers.

  4. Dear Middle S, by the time I arrived at your stall the table was practically empty! It indicated to me that gardening and sustainable living are really becoming important to families today, as we get back to basics and grow our own healthy foods free of pesticides and fertilisers.Happy planting!
    Cakes and second hand books were the order of the day instead for Will and I.

  5. Hi Middle S,

    Hope it was a fun morning for you all as it was for me. Great stall choice as you can learn further into the environment and know more. I thought you sold very good things such as plants and more.
    Laura :)


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