Thursday, 10 March 2016

Teaching others about the human body systems

Over the last 2 weeks, the Senior students have been researching one of the main human body systems. They presented their learning using Google slides this week and these are some of their thoughts about the process...

Ryan – expert groups were fun because you could show what you learnt to others and work with someone new

Peter - I like the expert groups because you worked with someone else from the other class and I liked taking notes about the things I didn’t know.

Maria – expert groups are a really good way to share your learning with others and also getting to meet new people. Also our cooperating skills increased with the expert groups

Alex – I enjoyed expert groups because we got to work with new people and learn about new subjects

Lachie – I got a chance to meet new people and it’s a good opportunity to learn about something new, that I didn’t know about

Jake – I really liked the expert groups because you got to work in pairs, and we got to know each other better

Natasha – Even if you did the same topic as someone else you learnt about your partner as well as the topic

Jasmine – expert groups was good because we got to focus on a fascinating topic and by working together we each got to put forward great ideas

Bridie – we got to learn about new body systems we hadn’t heard before and the quizzes were fun and it changed the way people listened because they didn’t get bored

Daisy – I thought it was good because we did get to choose our partners (from the other class) and most of the systems I hadn’t heard of before

Ava – I enjoyed expert groups because learning about the body systems was interesting because it might help to know about it in the future

Riley O – it was good because we got different partners and we got to collaborate with them

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  1. Hi seniors!

    Learning about the main human body systems sounds really interesting. It looks like you had lots of fun working in expert groups.
    What was the most interesting thing you learnt? Why?
    Would you want to learn again in expert groups?
    Have a great year!

    Jacob Flinn


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