Friday, 23 September 2011

What we learnt this term

To eat a healthy rainbow of food everyday - Amelia
I learnt there is food groups - Jessica
I learnt there is such a thing as dragon fruit - Nat, Pat, Will, Ava
I learnt that your body is like an engine - Jacob & Lauren
I learnt there is such a thing as Jackfruit - Dylan, Will, Pat, Seb, Joe, Jacob, Nat, Madeline, Amelia
I learnt there's such a thing as bumpy melon & Starfruit- Madeline, Will
We learnt these things by:
- Parents
- teachers
- computer
- dictionary
- Going places
- reading books
- Shopkeepers


  1. Wow Junior M, what a great experience you have had this term. It is great to see how we can learn from lots of different people. Now you are going to teach me by explaining what 'bumpy melon' is? I have never heard of it before. Have a great holiday.
    Mrs Swann

  2. I learnt that vegetable patches are a good idea as food is very fresh and have no chemicals at all. I enjoyed visiting St Thomas and seeing their vegetable patches and I liked how they painted the vegetable boxes. From James Gillan

  3. Well done JM!! It's very important to learn that fresh fruit and vegies
    are good for you, and i love seeing you eat them at recess and lunchtime
    as well. The curly apples from the tuck shop look very tasty!! Make sure
    you drink lots of water now too, especially as it is getting warmer.
    Fruit, vegies and water help you to think straight and grow tall!
    I eat at least one apple a day (to keep the doctor away!!??!!) My
    favourite is the Golden Delicious apple. They are very good for you and
    taste yummy as well!
    Mrs Bellesini


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