Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ambient Orchestras

Yesterday John and Lex from Ambient Orchestras ( spent the day with all the Juniors at school. They showed us how to create a musical performance that used all the performing arts we have been exploring. We divided into 4 groups and made our own songs, dances, costumes and backgrounds, with the theme of seasons.
To make this a really successful day there is one thing in particulalr that we needed to do.
Can you guess what it was?


  1. Hi JuniorM,
    what a wonderful day we had songwriting and music making.
    The teamwork was extraordinary.
    What can we do as a team now?

  2. What fantastic performances Juniors! It was wonderful to see everyone working as part of a team to be so creative!
    What was your favourite part of the day? The performing or the creating of your performances?
    From Mrs Kennedy

  3. Music is a wonderful thing! I am so glad you got to see an orchestra. Music is everywhere - a friend of mine showed me this video. Maybe you will like it, too.

  4. Hello from Maryland USA
    We like your music photos with the theme of seasons. Here it is spring time. It's cold today, but we are very happy to see flowers coming up in the brown wet ground after the long winter. We live near Washington DC

  5. I am guessing you had to work really well together and listen. Natalie said it was LOTS of fun

  6. Natalie said she had a wonderful time. Working in groups is always good fun.
    Natalie's Mom (Lynda)

  7. Music making can be so much fun! I am Natalie's aunt and I spend my life making music. I found a video you might like - a man makes music using a big tree in his garden.
    Cathy (Natalie's aunt in Atlanta)

  8. Jack, this blog is amazing. it is great to see what you do at school!


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