Friday, 24 June 2011

Our Worm Farms

This term our Inquiry unit is mini beasts at St Lukes. We are trying to make a healthy habitat for mini beasts. One of our actions is to make a worm farm.
Do you know if worms can see?
Do you know how worms help us or the environment?
Do you know how to make a worm farm?


  1. This was so great to make a healthy new home for the worms and other minibeasts. We were lucky to have a Dad come in and help too. The worms give our soil nutrients and help all the plants to grow strong and healthy.
    We love your Post JuniorM!!
    From JuniorG

  2. Dear Junior M,
    I want to learn from you! Because I don't know how to make a worm farm, can some of you come and and teach me about it when I'm out on the playground? That would be great!
    I have a vegie garden to feed at my house!

    Mrs Yore

  3. Great questions Junior M! I think that worms cannot see - they don't have eyes. We learnt that at CERES last year when the Preps went on an excursion. I know that they make the soil rich and healthy and if you have worms in your garden that is a good sign.
    I'm not sure how to make a worm farm. I look forward to reading your blog to find out how!
    From Mrs Kennedy


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