Friday, 1 July 2011

Learning this term

Today is the last day of Term for Junior M and the rest of our school. We went outside and stapled the rest of our Action Posters to the fence and talked about what we have learnt and how we learnt it. Here are some of the things we were thinking...

This term when we doing the actions for the dragonflies and other mini beasts it taught us how to build things - Bassy
Our action was fun and I learnt how to make a millipede and butchy boy home - Brandon
I was part of the worm farm group and I learnt how to make a worm farm by watching videos and it was quite easy- Madeline
I learnt that butterflies can be lots of different colours by reading books - Lauren
I learnt how to make a poster look interesting by putting heaps of colours and facts on it - Joe
My group painted the fence and I learnt that it takes time to do everything - Jacob
I learnt about making worm farms and other stuff is really fun - Jack
My group was the dragon fly pond and I learnt how to make one - Travis
I learnt that only some of the mini beasts are disgusting but they are still important - Stephanie
I learnt how to make a dragonfly pond by listening to my group and we have had fun this term doing our actions - Riley
I learnt that all mini beasts are important - Natalie


  1. Dear Junior M,
    I felt really excited when I read how much you had learnt in Term 2! It was just amazing!Now I am wondering about what you'll be doing in Term 3!

    Mrs Yore

  2. Dear friends

    I think we did an excellent job on our Actions.

    from Jacob


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