Friday, 20 July 2012

Soccer Skills

Today 4 students in Middle S ran a soccer clinic as our PE lesson. These students have a great number of skills between them and were quite keen to share them with the rest of our class. They planned the activities and organised the equipment themselves. With support they helped everyone to get into groups and practise the skills they had chosen.
I thought it was really fun and I liked the drills. My favourite was when you called out a number and it was familiar because of basketball – Dan
I liked that they did soccer drills because it’s a bit different and I really had fun – Laura
It was a well set out activity for sport and the game at the end was good because it made it a bit more fun – Matt
I enjoyed the soccer and also the game when you yelled out numbers – Adam
I liked how you knew what you wanted us to do and when –Luke
I liked how you did the activity for us because we hadn’t done it for a while - Travis
I liked how you were really well organised and I liked how you did drills so we could learn different things – Amber
How you set it all out and how you made a game of it – Ben
I thought it was really fun because you had it all set out so we didn’t have to wait - Tessa
I like the game with then numbers and I liked how you did not have just a game but also drills – Chloe
I think everyone did a really good job, even if they don’t play soccer, they were more like you guys – Amelia I reckon everyone did a good job since not everyone uses their feet in sport – Gemma
I think you did really well for beginners – Ciaran
I thought you did really well and if you didn't know what to do you tried your best and didn’t give up – Will You all did really well even if you don’t play soccer – Connor


  1. Sophie Sullivan20 July 2012 at 19:59

    Awesome soccer skills guys! The eye of the tiger!!!!!!

  2. Hello Middle S I thought that was alot of fun doing the socer drills and thank you to Ciaran Will Gemma and Conner for running the sport and for getting it all ready for us to play!
    From Tessa

    1. The key to being good at soccer is to work hard on all of the fundamentals. As soccer demands a range of mental skills, this includes training the mind as well as the body. Soccer psychology techniques can really help you to develop your skills much more quickly than only doing physical practice. Thanks a lot.

  3. It looks like you are all having great fun teaching each other new skills. Well done Middle S! Barb P

  4. Great skill work Middle S looks like you all had fun
    Maria M :)


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