Sunday, 23 February 2014

An excursion into the Community

On Friday, all the middles classes took a bus to the council offices of The City of Whitehorse, in Nunawading. Some of the staff there spoke to us about the services and resources provided by the council and how they contribute to our health and wellbeing.
Here are the notes we took...
Whitehorse was named after an old pub and it's the 20th anniversary this year 2014
 Cr stands for councillor marternal and child health 
Victoria is the only state that legally makes contact with every baby born in a
hospital in Victoria.
Breach is when a baby comes out bottom first.when the baby stays in the stomach  for
to long the mum has a Caesarian. 

Aged services
Social groups 
Meals on wheels
Try to be Independent if you don't really need help

Health and well being of older people. Elder people need to stay healthy and fit. If
they don't they can get sick.
Some activities they do are gym, swimming

When babies are different ages they have a needle and get vaccinated for different
diseases like measles and chickenpox.

They check the equipment at the tattooists.
Nurse's go to schools and check the students heads for lice.

Healthiest transport

If you walk to school you have much better concentration because your brain is much
healthier because you have been getting exercise. 
Ride to school day march

How to be healthy
Aqua link
Footy ovals
Basketball courts 
Athletic tracks
You can go skate boarding at parks
Skate park
Play grounds
Netball courts
Soccer courts
Dance club 
Council website

What services do you access in your council? Are there any that are the same as ours?

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