Friday, 15 August 2014

Saying goodbye...

Today is a very sad day for Middle S, because our great classmate Adol, is leaving. She has been at St Luke’s for five years and we are all very sad. I will miss her very much. I think of her as my sister. I will miss seeing her every morning when I come to school and her laugh and her smile xxxxooo - Cooper
Adol is a wonderful little girl (even though she’s bigger than me). It’s been good having her here – Aerodyne
Adol is a wonderful girl and I will miss her very, very much – Natasha
I will miss you! – Molly
I will miss you so much, Adol. You will always be my best friend forever – Jamie
I hope Adol will always remember Middle S forever – Grace
I hope Adol has the best time at her new school and house. I will miss you so much Adol. You have been here for 5 years. I will remember all the best times we had together. You will always be in our hearts - Sienna
Adol is very funny. I’ll miss her - Ryan
Adol is a good friend – James
Adol is very nice – Riley

Adol is the nicest friend you can have in the world - Natalia

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