Friday, 19 September 2014

Last Day of Term

On our last day of term we had a party for Oscar because he is leaving our school. We also had a footy day. There were 6 groups and 6 footy activities. Plus, this term I made three new friends – James
It was a really interesting term, because there was lots of art, lots of fun and awesome people – Molly
I liked this term because of all the fun days we had like PJ day, Footy day and the Mini Fair – Grace
It was fun all term because we got to do fun days. I liked that we got to do things like really fun art and I got to make new friends - Natalia
I liked this term because we learnt about Australian history before the 1800’s – Lachlan
I liked this term because when we were in Prep, we hardly got to do things by ourselves and now we are told what to do and then we get to go and do it, like sewing for the Art Show – Aerodyne

It was really fun because for some reason we worked as a team more than other terms – Riley


  1. Hi Middle S,
    It's sounds like you had lots of fun last Term and worked really hard. It sounds like your Inquiry topic would have been really interesting and I'm sure you would have learnt a lot. What was the most interesting thing you learnt? What was your favourite part or day last Term? I hope this Term is just as great or better!

    From, Madeline (Sen MY)

    1. Thanks, Madeline. My favourite days last term was PJ day and Book Week, because I was comfy and it was fun - Cooper

    2. Thank you for your positive feedback and your interesting questions - Molly

    3. The most interesting thing I laernt in Term 3 was learning about Australian History because I knew nothing before that - Aerodyne

    4. My favourite days were football day and the Mini Fair - Jack

    5. In term 3 I had lots of fun, especially the Mini Fair and PJ day. I had fun learning about Australia before the 1800's. It was very interesting - Lachie


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