Friday, 17 October 2014

Working together

Yesterday, in Maths, we split into 2 groups - grade 4's and grade 3's and worked on one task - matching lots of analogue and digital times (to the nearest minute or 5 minutes).
Sometimes working together in large groups can be challenging. Below are some of our thoughts on what worked well and what we could improve on. What do you think is helpful when large groups of people work together?

- I think that this lesson was really fun because there was a lot of team work and it was also fun because all the grade 4's could work together and every one had their own role - Cooper
- Today I thought that maths was good, because the grade 3's (that barely work together) got to work together - Aerodyne S
- I think today was fun because we could share what we discovered in the end and I think we all worked together really well - Jamie
- I think it was really good because we got the chance to work together. We were collaborating well and it was fun - Molly
- I think it was really fun because we got to work with people we don't always work with. We worked as a team and not on our own - Natalia
- It was good because we were cooperating well and there were some ups and downs but the rest was ok (like arguing) - Jake
- I thought it was good, because we all worked together and sometimes it can be easier to learn when you're with other people, because you can work it out together - Grace
- We got to learn from other people and you get to learn more about them and new thing about time - Natasha
- It was really good because we all worked together as a team, by one person finding the digital clock and the other the analogue clock then showed the rest of our team who would say if it was right or not and why - Sienna
- It was really fun because everyone had a role in the team - Riley
- We didn't argue with each other, so we worked better together and got the clock poster done - Jenny

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  1. It's great to work together as a team and get the job done! Well Done Teams Middle S!
    Mrs Molly


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