Wednesday, 22 April 2015

ANZAC Day Service

Today we went to The ANZAC Centenary Ceremony in Box Hill since it was 100 years since the New Zealanders and Australians landed in Gallipoli, Turkey. Around 1000 children around the Whitehorse region attended this occasion including the teachers and carers/guardians. When we got there we sat down in marked off areas with our School’s name on it, and we had to wait a long while once we got there because the other schools were coming in. After some people gave some important speeches about how they left, when they left and how many people died, and about how they fought for our human rights and our freedom that we deserve. Each school had a wreath of flowers each and we put on the statue in The RSL Part of the Box Hill Gardens. I felt deeply affected by the trumpet playing and felt proud that Australians and New Zealanders fought for us. - Madi.

Today we went to an A. N. Z. A. C day ceremony and we listened to a letter from a digger at Gallipoli. We heard ‘’The Ode’’ read out by a member of the Box Hill council. It was in Box Hill gardens which made it a lot more quiet and clear when we heard the last post. We got medals and Aussie flags which are keep sake, because it marks 100 years at dawn. We all had an enjoyable time and I thought it was valuable because it was the 100 year anniversary. - Tully

Today we went to the Whitehorse Anzac Day centenary and we got to learn about the war and army. It was very cool but the weather was quite bad and there were lots of other schools there as well and big booming trees and green grass with a bit of mud. And there were 1000 kids there. It was kind of crowded. We also got a flag and a medal and I also saw my friends from another school. It was nice to see them again too, but it really got me wondering about how scary it must have been to be in the war or just a nurse to see all the blood and guns. It would have been cold and sad too. But here’s my question: would I be as brave as the Gallipoli solders? I would miss my family so much and the warm brush of my sweet bunnies I would not like going to war not at all. Would you? - Jenny

Today the Seniors (and of a lot of other schools) and I went to the ANZAC 100th Anniversary. We went there to celebrate the 100th Anniversary so I will fill you in all about it now! It was very fun to listen to. I saw my other school friend Alex there as well which was exciting. We also got given Medals, Flags and a brochure. I liked the medal the best though. Something really cool is that we got to see a police man and an army person. I really liked walking to the place and seeing all of the people. I also learned “The Ode”. The only schools that were invited were the schools in Whitehorse. I was hoping to see Huntingtower there but I didn’t. – Piers

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  1. Sounds like it was very moving and memorable. Anyone getting up early for a dawn service on Saturday?


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