Thursday, 13 August 2015

Russell Drysdale and "The Walls of China"

Piers – We made an art piece that was from the olden days. It was a desert background with a couple of trees.
Lochie – We did art and made our own abstract version of Russell Drysdale's Walls of China.
Tia – We made art pieces that was based on an olden times artist and his art pieces. For us it was new and creative.
Cooper T – We did an art piece created with tissue paper and normal white paper. We layered the tissue paper on to the white paper. It created a “Wall of China” art piece, originally created by Russell Drysdale.
James – We created art using tissue paper which gave the effect of sand and the colours of the desert.
Jackson – It was very abstract in a way, but fun to do and interesting.

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