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Letters to Pope Francis

In Literacy this week, we read an article about Pope Francis addressing the UN in September. We wrote letters to Pope Francis in response to the article and what he said. Then some of us thought it would be a good idea to mail the letters to the Pope. Here are some of our letters and the envelope they were sent off in...

Tuesday 13th Oct. 2015

Dear Pope Francis,

This week my class has been talking about your encyclical and I agree with you about how we are just trashing our planet and that we should stop it and respect our planet.

I think that if everyone knew about the global goals for the planet then there is a chance that we can help keep the world clean and healthy, Most people might think that they can’t do much to help because there is only one of them but if we all work together then we can save the planet and keep it clean.

By Natalie
P.S. please write back to me!!!

Dear Pope Francis,
In my opinion I do agree with you, you have got a point, people are just throwing away things, we do live in a throw away culture. Our world, the greed is astounding, people want the latest phones, toy, computer yet there is people in the world that just want clean water, we take it for granted, some people want education, we also take it for granted.  These people are suffering, when we can make a change, people can throw away T.V’s like it is nothing, when it can change another child or even adults life.
The senior students at my school are learning about the seventeen global goals and we want to make a change.
Your Sincerely,

Cooper Jy

Dear Pope Francis,
My Name is Will from Australia and I’m here to support your visit to the United Nations and your support to the environment and why we should be  taking care of it. At school, we are learning why we should take care of our common home and what damage we are doing to our planet. So I think that your speech was very inspirational and I enjoy learning about you and all of the brilliant things you do.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Pope Francis,

Today My Class has written Letters to you about the article that you wrote, We have been looking at your letters because you are talking about caring for God's creations, and for inquiry we have being learning about how to take care of the world. I am going to write this letter to you about the article that you wrote. I think that your article is right and that we should take care about our world.
Yours Sincerely,


Dear Pope Francis,
Today our class read an article about your speech about stopping climate change, inequality and other unfair things.

I think you’re right about we have to do something about the problems, I know a thing called Global Goals, there is 17 goals and all are really important, to save the world.

In Inquiry we are learning about “Caring for our common home.” We are 17 groups learning about all of the goals, I am doing Life On Land/Deforestation, we shouldn’t just cut down trees just because of furniture and other things.

Yours Sincerely,

Dear Pope Francis,
My name is Zachary and I strongly agree with you about your message that you are trying to get through every ones head. I also think it a big problem and that  it needs to be fixed for the world's sake. I think your speech really gave people an idea about what is happening. It is a good idea what your doing for the world and you are doing a good thing for the world.

I think that if we can get your message through to the whole world we can make a difference to the planet.



Dear Pope Francis,

In school we have been looking at the environment and how we are called to care for our common home and we have looked a lot at some of the speeches you have made and some of things you have done and it has inspired some people in our class to take care of our earth and it has also worried some people in my class.

So I would like to thank you for being a good person that cares about the environment.  

Yours Sincerely,


Dear Pope Francis,

I completely agree with your views on equality and consumerism. The statistics go to show how serious the problem is and it’s great to have a Pope who cares about these issues.

Buying unnecessary, useless rubbish, then throwing it out is completely absurd. It’s ruining the environment and wiping out Earth’s resources. It needs to stop now.

The fact that you are helping has inspired tons of people to join the cause. It’s amazing that you view yourself as an equal among equals being the Pope. I think this is why more people are joining the cause, me included.

This cause needs to be seen and heard, and I’m glad that you’re promoting it because I agree wholeheartedly with you.
Yours Sincerely,


Dear Pope Francis,

I found your speech at the United Nations headquarters really inspiring. It really made me think again on what can be done to save our environment or to put it in your words “to end social and economic exclusion”. Your speech covers every topic that we are covering at school. Like I said it was truly amazing.

You talk about justice, the environment, wealth, power and greed. All things that are present in everyday life. I find that wealth, power and greed corrupt people. It is seen everyday. To me everything that you said was true in a way.

To try and follow up with this letter I will sit down with my family and discuss the actions that we can take to save the environment and end all exclusion. But for now I will see what I can do and do it.
Yours Sincerely,

Dear Pope Francis,
I strongly agree with your message about equality. I can really relate with your quote ‘The ecological crisis and the large-scale destruction of biodiversity can threaten the very existence of the human species’. I feel strongly about these issues to and I think if we can put our minds to it and stop excluding because everyone’s got a right, I also think that you're doing a great job as the Pope.
Yours Sincerely, Jackson

Dear Pope Francis,

I was intrigued by your article and book, I totally agree with what you are saying about people having to buy and always get new things all the time.
Everyone always needs the latest trend or new Iphone, Ipad etc. In my opinion we don’t need all this, just get the essential things in life and stick with it until it actually stops working instead of chucking stuff out that still works and has use for you.
When people make products that they sell at the store they make it cheap and they don’t make it so it will last. Which forces us to buy new things and they are only doing that just to get more money. All this waste ends up cluttering up our common home, it’s basically just lately when we started to make all this junk making giant dumps and waste lands all over the place. This is only one of the many problems contributing to Global Warming.
Hopefully as many people as possible try to stop Global Warming greediness of people so the human race can live on.
Yours Sincerely,

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