Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Sharing our stories with our audience

Here is some feedback from our young friends about our stories

"I liked it because she drew me and my mum and dad"
"I liked that it had a pink sheep in it and it was funny"
"I liked it because my name is in it"
"I liked the page with lots of stripes"
"I liked it because it was funny"
"I liked it because it had two friends"
"I likes the butterflies"
"I liked when the  dog saw a hamburger and ate it"
"I liked the funny voices when it was read to me"
" I liked that there was my birthday in the book"
"I liked that it had fairy dust in it" 
"I liked the part when she had a dream"
"I liked the front page because there was glitter"
"I liked all the colours in the book"

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