Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Welcome to 2017!!

It's 2017 and this blog has moved to grade 3/4, specifically Middle S. Please follow along to share our learning journey with us. 
And, don't hesitate to comment on our posts and to ask us lots of questions.

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  1. Dear Middle.S
    On the weekend i went to Luna Park because my football team is demons and it was there family day and i got some of the players signatures and i also got some photos with the players it was the best day of my life!


  2. Hi middle s,
    I hope we have a good year
    from Inti

  3. Dear Middle s last week we did spelling , place value , and we got our new chrome books and home work

    From Alexander

  4. Hi Middle S,
    how are you I will see you soon on my blog

  5. Hi Middle S last week we did a lot of maths. One thing we did was lenth From Nicholas

  6. Hi Middle S,

    Last week we did math and we did length. I measured my friends with a ruler.

    From Oscar

  7. Hi Middle S,

    I injoyed doing Inquiry and maths from Emma.

    from Emma

  8. Hi Middle S,

    Last week in P.E. we did long jump and it was fun and I was very happy

    by Victoria

  9. Hi Middle

    we are doing maths. We are leaning about numbers. yesterday we were counting to 1000
    From Daniel


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