Friday, 10 November 2017


Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about poetry: what it is and why people like to write it. We have learnt about some different types of poetry such as Diamante, Haiku, Concrete and Rhyming poetry.
Below are our poems and some reflections on this very rich writing genre.

Patrick's Diamante Bunnies Poem can be found here.

Nato by Eve
Stubborn, German shepherd
Barking, licking, sleeping
Bones, meat, rug, laziness
Stealing clothes, running, playing
Cute, guard dog

By Ryan 
Lovely, Friendly
Buying, Shopping, Amazing
Food, Love, Health, Help
Walking and Driving to places, Taking to places, Helping for Homework
Caring, Nice

Tess - by Daniel 
Furry Cute 
Rolling, curling into ball, Playing 
Park, soccer ball, gold fur, cubed food 
Fast, Can do gymnastics 
Tiny when young, old now 
My dog

🐈 Finn 🐈 By Emma 
Grey Tabby
Sleeping Sniffing Jumping 
Food mess basket comedian
Running Chasing Meowing 
Cute Playful 

Trees by Celia
Brown Green
Shaking Helping Glowing 
Water Air Paper Leaves 
Shimmering Blowing Growing 
Tall Amazing 

🍎School🍏 by Caitlin 
Friendly Fun 
Learning Playing Teaching 
Maths Inquiry English Friends 
Wondering Counting Testing 
Colourful Safe 

 Image result for schoolImage result for schoolImage result for school

Mr.Chucky by Oscar
Brown fast 
Runs eats sleeps 
Grass outside vegetables cage 
Plays naps walks 
Adorable fluffy 
Guinea Pig 

By Madeleine K
Black and white, cute
Licking, sniffing, wagging
bones, food, games, sleep
running, barking, chasing
Hairy, girl

Blog post on poetry by Scarlett
What’s poetry? you may ask, well poetry is a good way to express your feelings or maybe something to do when you’re bored. There are many types of poetry most are complicated like Haiku a form of Japanese poetry or Diamante. There are also simple types like concrete or maybe just a simple acrostic poem.
Here’s an example of a Diamante poem:

Small hairy
Tracking sniffing digging
Spikes desert eggs snow
Waddling sticky tongue
Cute spiky
Most poetry has rhyme, rhythm, sound and visual language. You can take moments, memories, events or a second of reality and make a poem out of it!

By Victoria:
Fire and water
Orange yellow
Leaning Wobbling dripping 
Candle, wax, flame, light
Hot cold warm 
Blowing moving staying still
Candle melt

Diamond Shape Poem by Joel
Colours, wheels,
Cool-looking, Rims,
Noisy, Gas, Steering, Wheels 
Convertibles, Symbols,
Engine, Fast, Types,

Supergirl (by Rosie)
Bold, Awesome,
Saving, Helping, Rescuing,
Supergirl Will Overtake Villain
Destroying, Stopping, Sneaking,
Mean, Evil,

🌞 Port Douglas 🌞 by Georgie
Hot, Fun
Running, Ocean, Walking
Pool, Shops, Restaurants, Ice cream
Happy people, Nice shops, Hot sand
Shopping, Jogging, Swimming 
Nice, Big 

Max by Nick
Green black
Pecks flies talks
Food outside plays get out of cage
Fun cute

Lilly by Inti
Lilly is crazy as a duck.
She chases bikes like they’re chew toys. 
She’s fast like sport car.
She’s fun as a friend.
She’s more playful than any other animal 
She’s cuter than a cat 
She’s the best dog in the world, 
but in the end she's just a dog 

Poetry by Josh D.
A poem is a piece of writing to make people emotional and they usually rhyme (they don't have to rhyme)
Here are some examples:

There's some big diamonds
In that big and very dark mine
Get some for me now

Old Wrinkly
Walking aching Fighting 
Lightsaber Force Starwars Jedi 
Meditating Jumping leading 
Green amazing 
Walking stick 

Mustang (by Alexander)
Fast, powerful
Driving, racing, skidding
Colours, speed, engine horsepower
Heart-racing, thrilling, energising
Cool, happy, noisy

Soccer by Simon
Passing Exercise 
Kicking Scoring Running 
Both use a ball
Slam dunk Hoop Ankle breaking 
Swish Trick shot


  1. Well, Middles. Luckily for me, I chanced upon this post about my second favourite topic to teach! Guess what the first one might be? I loved reading all your creative pieces. Nice reflection,Scarlett...and so true. On Friday, I was showing my Grade 3/4 students the reflective poem, "In Flanders Fields", We talked about how the punctuation was used to create a flow and what the words meant.

    Keep up the great creativity!

    Mrs Yore

  2. I agree with everything you said about Nato, Eve! I didn't know about Diamante poems before reading this, so I've learned something new, thank you!

  3. Loved reading these imaginative poems. Loved the way you used such colourful descriptive words. Keep up the great work.
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini xx :) Miss you all


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