Friday, 29 April 2011

A mini beast visitor

This morning Joe found a praying mantis on his bag. We brought it into the classroom and it flew up to the highest window.


  1. Wow what an exciting visitor JuniorM. Minibeasts are such an important part of our environment. I wonder what is the important role of a praying mantis?
    Great photos too.
    From Mrs Gridley

  2. Isn't he beautiful- St Francis would have called him Brother Praying Mantis! He taught us just how wonderful every tiny creature is!

    Mrs Yore

  3. Hi Everyone, I work in the library at another school, St Joachim's Carrum Downs, and I really love your blog.

    Our Junior school students are also learning about minibeasts this term and I am going to show all the teachers your blog so that our students can have a blog too.

    I know our students have been taking photos of minibeasts.

    Well done everyone.


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