Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bugs Alive!!

Today is our second day back at school for term 2. We completed a placemat activity that shows some of the things we know already about mini beasts. We will do this activity again at the end of term to show just how much we have learnt about mini beasts and their environments here at school. Some of the things we know about mini-beasts and how they help us are:
Butterflies live near flowers - Maria
Ants live in an ant pit - Lauren
Praying mantis live in a tree - Brandon
Ants live on the ground - Ava
Bees help us because they make honey for us - Jackson
Worms live underground - Jack
Bees can hurt you - Seb
Mini beasts live in dirt, the ground, air and trees - Pat
Spiders kill moths and flies so we stay comfortable at night - Riley
Worms help us make compost - Joe
Mini-beasts help us grow plants - Amelia
They live in the ground - Jacob
Bees give us honey - Jessica
They live in the dirt - Dylan
Bees make wax for crayons - Madeline
Worms eat fruit scraps - Will
Snails live in their shell - Stephanie
Mini-beasts live in bushes, holes, holes in cliffs, underground and in hives - James

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  1. I love to see that you already know some things (quite a lot really) about MiniBeasts. I am sure you will be able to add to these lists with heaps of information. I wonder what surprises you might have as you explore the wonderful world of mini-beasts?


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