Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Our questions about history

Our wonderings about History (mp3)


  1. Things such as bags and cloths were a lot different in the olden days because most things were made by hand. Gradually over the years people invented machines to make everything that we now use everyday.

  2. Hi Junior M,
    You have some great questions. I hope that during your inquiry you can answer most of these. Great wonderings!
    Mrs David

  3. Hello Junior M,

    I enjoyed your questions so much I wanted to give a long comment to explain what school was like when I started school at the age of 5 in 1960 and when I became a teacher in the 1970s and had my first school as a full time teacher in 1981.

    My answer was becoming too long so instead I prepared a blog post to answer what school was like from 1960 to now. Check to see if your teacher will allow you to read it...

    The link is...


    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  4. Kim O'Connell19 October 2011 at 10:33

    In the olden days it took so long for photos to set on the negative (3-10 mins) that smiling was frowned upon because if you moved you would spoil the picture by blurring it. So it wasn't that you couldn't smile, it's that the ability to hold the smile for that long was almost impossible.

  5. Fabulous questions Junior M. I hope you find all the answers and more. Ask anything about the things I brought in to share with you! You are SOOOO lucky to have so MANY ways to find out the answers. We only had encyclopedias and other books to look up. Do you know what 'Encyclopedias' are??
    Mrs Bellesini

  6. When my Dad was a boy, living in the country in Victoria, during the 1930's. He rode his horse to school every day.
    Barb Petrowski

  7. We do know what encyclopedias are. They are a book that have alot of information - Joe

    Interesting! I never knew that you could ride a hores to school! - Madeline

  8. Hi Junior M,
    I really enjoyed listening to your questions about the olden days. I remember being at school and having the type of desk where you can open the desk and put your things inside. One day I had snuck my hands inside to find something in the middle of a lesson and the teacher came along and sat on the desk with my fingers inside. She carried on teaching the whole time. It was very painful and I never put my fingers in the desk in lesson time again! Teachers definitely wouldn't be allowed to do that nowadays.

    My class learnt about the olden days vs. nowadays in one of their art lessons. If you want to take a look at the two pieces of art, you can visit their e-portfolios by going to our class blog and then looking for children's e-portfolios along the left hand sidebar.

    Feel free to leave them a comment and ask them what they think about the olden days.

    Miss. Leakey


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