Friday, 4 November 2011

Melbourne Cup History

The Melbourne Cup has been going for 151 years and people all over the world watch it. Even if people don't put the bets in they're still hoping in their mind that the horse they choose will win - Madeline
Black Caviar is one of the fastest horses ever. He has won 13 short races - Travis
Girls and women used to wear long dresses and have umbrellas, even on a sunny day, to the Melbourne Cup. Now they try to wear clothes of famous designers - Natalie, Dylan and Patrick
It has always been on a tuesday at 3 o'clock race 7 - Amelia

Melbourne Cup 1903
1952 Melbourne Cup winner

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  1. Kim O'Connell4 November 2011 at 14:09

    I used to manage a TAB (where people go to have a bet on the races). I remember Melbourne Cup day as being very hectic, busy and exciting. Much has changed, even in the seven years that I haven't been working there. Now there are races that start at 10.00am (New Zealand) and finish at 2.00am (Singapore). I think it's too much and that some people are too greedy now.


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