Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Reflecting on our Olden Days Games Carousel

Yesterday the 3 Juniors classes ran a carousel of Olden Days Games. 9 rotations/games were organised, amongst our 3 classrooms and with parent support the small groups of students spent nearly 10mins (each game) exploring and learning about those games.
Today Junior M reflected on their learning which is visible in this slideshow:


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with these olden day games. Isn't it funny that one day your grandchildren might talk about your games as "olden day" games. Can you imagine what games will look like or be like when you are grandparents? It's hard to believe that some of the electronic games that you currently play could get any better or be developed much more isn't it? I wonder if this inquiry unit will encourage some of you to start keeping a diary and describing some of the things you currently do at school, the games you play, the toys you have, the clothes you wear, the food you eat etc so that one day when you're older you will be able to share this with other people. I hope so.

  2. Dear Junior M,

    What I loved most was seeing you all out in the playground today still playing lots of those "olden days" games! Do you think there is more collaboration playing those games than using your DS or ipod touches? Hmmmm?
    Mrs Yore

  3. Junior M thinks that computer games and olden days games are both using collaboration. Many times people in our class play lots of different video or computer games together with other people.


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