Wednesday, 23 November 2011

An interview with my grandparents

This week we had some homework! Our teacher asked us to interview one of our grandparents and to take notes of the interview and put those notes into a powerpoint or to record the interview. Sebastian and his mum were happy for us to share with you, his interview that they filmed, in the link below:

Have you asked your grandparents any of these questions?
Were any of their experiences the same? Different?


  1. Sebastian, that was a wonderful interview that you did with your grandparents. They must have been very excited to be able to share their stories with you and your classmates. Did you feel proud of them after they told you about their childhood?
    Mrs Mac

  2. Dear Sebastian,

    We really liked finding out about life in the olden days.The interview was really interesting and we were really engaged. We liked the photo album idea. Great work Sebastian!

    Middle Matters

  3. Sebastian I loved listening to the interview and hearing about life growing up in Greece! Your grandparents were fantastic and l loved the 'sandals' story'!! Your interview highlighted how much has changed but also how wonderful it is to listen to the stories and history of others!! Thank you so much and well done to all the family!!

  4. Fabulous Interveiw Sebastian!! You are so lucky to have your grandparents around to ask them these questions and find out their interesting answers!
    Mrs Bellesini


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