Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Speed Stacking

In Positive Education this week, we were fortunate to have Tye Hallam the champion Speed Stacker visit and teach us how to do Speed Stacking.
How fast do you think you would be?
Are there any other skills that speed stacking could help you develop?


  1. Hello Junior Ms,

    I've seen speed stackers at work. You certainly need to be quick of hand to be able to win competitions. You must also remember the moves you have to make to complete the session.

    Lick anything, it takes practise to be able to move at speed. I don't think I am anywhere near the speed needed to compete.

    Any skills it could help you develop? Speed stacking is not only about speed, it's about hand-eye coordination. Practising this skill will develop muscles and coordination. I should imagine the manual dexterity might even help with typing and craft skills.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. That looks very challenging. Leah now wants to be a speed stacker. Im sure that would improve the brain on both sides!
    Love your work

  3. I can bet that there was not 1 plastic cup left in anyone's cupboard at home on Monday!!!!
    Chris Stephen

  4. Hello St Luke's, my name is Miss Louise Sammut and I am a Grade 5 teacher from St Damian's Primary School in Bundoora.I am also Jacob's second cousin!!
    I love your blog and would love for you all to check out our blog as well.

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