Friday, 29 June 2012

Research into Well Being

Gemma - I really enjoyed doing it because I'm not used to saying things in front of a whole bunch of people and it was ok.
Amber - I really enjoyed presenting and listening to other people's presentations. I learnt lots.
Riley - I enjoyed doing a poster because I could do it all myself. I thought it was a bit nerve racking thinking about what I had to say, but it was very fun.
Rosie - I was scared the first time and once I started talking I got used to it.
Matt - I loved listening to people's presentations. I thought that everyone included lots of information and detail into their presentation or poster or prezi or extranormal. I think everyone worked really hard on their project and they did a really good job.
James - I enjoyed it because I liked watching people's presentation.
Daniel - I really enjoyed watching other people's presentations because they were really interesting and I got a lot of facts. Also, my powerpoint went really well, but I had a couple of muck ups but it was really fun.
Tessa - I thought it was really fun, because we all got to share what we had learnt.
Ciaran - It was really fun because we learnt new facts about exercise and all the other topics. I think I did quite well on my powerpoint and next time I will try to look at the class more.
Chloe - I though doing presentations was a really good idea because we learnt new things from other people and it was really fun.
Will - I enjoyed listening to other peoples' presentations because I like learning new things and I think I need to work on looking at the class a bit more.


  1. Well done Middles! It looks like you are setting a high standard with your presentations. What fabulous learning you have done this term about Health and Wellbeing. I hope that you all enjoy a very healthy holiday.
    Great work,
    Mrs Gridley

  2. Fantasitc work Middles.

    Once again you all come up with incredible information and awesome presentations.

    I know who to ask if I need help when I have to do a presentation at work.

    Even when you are an adult it can still be a bit scary getting up in front of an audience but the more you do the more you will crave it.

    Keep exercising your body and your brains...

    Well done
    Trudi G

  3. Ally blackburn30 June 2012 at 17:05

    Great work guys ,I know how hard you all worked on these presentations and they were very impressive and the skills your developing will be essential in gaining confidence in all areas of your lives , keep up the great work I love seeing your work on the blog

  4. Love all the topics you picked to research Middles. It's always great for your confidence to speak in front of others, especially as you move up the school. Hope you remembered to use some deep breaths to calm your nerves!
    Keep up the hard work.
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  5. Hi Middle S
    I hope you enjoyed presenting your research to your classmates, it looks like you've done a great job. Its fun to research a topic you're interested in, and to then share the information with other people.
    Learning to do presentations when you're young is a great idea, as it makes it less scary when you have to do them when your older, because you've done it before. I always find that when I'm explaining things to other people, it helps me to better understand the topic.
    Hope you've all had a happy and healthy holiday, and I look forward to the next blog!


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