Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fraction Experts

We have been learning about fractions over the last 2 weeks. Today we got into groups based on an area of fractions we wanted to explore more. We shared our knowledge with each other and thought of some questions.
Now we have some question for you:

Can you do vertical addition with groups of fractions or other fractions? – Luke
How high can a number can get with fractions? – Amber & Patrick
Can you do fractions with everything? – Dan
How do you add 3 fractions together? – Joe
Can you do fractions with division, multiplication, addition and subtraction? – Ciaran
What other fractions can you do? – Natasha
What is the middle line called in fractions? – Madeleine
Do fractions have to be about Maths? – Chloe
3/6 + 6/6 = ??? - Will
What is another way of saying ¼? – Nick
Can fractions be used in a story, like a fairy tale? – Laura
Does the object have to be the same in collections of fractions – Ben
How many fractions can you use? - Rosie
How are fractions related to numbers? – Amelia
What does fraction have to do with numbers – Stephanie
Is the shape equal every time? – Connor
How can people learn fractions? – Ava
How does fractions relate to Maths? – Tessa
How can you use fractions? – Bassy
Why are fractions so important? – James


  1. I guess the idea of a fraction is mathematical because it's always about equal and numbers and parts of!!! But isn't it also about food when I have a quarter of a Hawaiian Pizza or 7/8 of a block of chocolate...ooops...I just ate the last 1/8. 7/8 + 1/8 = 1 whole block of chocolate. I just added chocolate bits but I also just added fractions!

    Mrs Yore (she's 1/3 of the Senior Teacher group in our school!)

  2. Ally blackburn14 June 2012 at 17:34

    Great fraction work guys ! Keep up the good work using your brilliant minds x

  3. Hi Middle S, love your clever thinking about fractions.

    One that came to my mind is a Football game has 4 quarters that last appoximately 30 minutes per quarter. They can be called 1/4 time or First quarter, half time, 3/4 time and forth quarter. I'm sure there are many sports that use a similar system. I think music also uses fractions such as a half time note and many more.

    Keep your great ideas coming


  4. Hi middle s,

    Fractions are so important in our family. Whenever I'm serving dinner I have to serve out 1/6 at a time so that everyone gets an equal share (because there are 6 people in our family we divide everything into 6 equal parts) If we have 12 lollies to share we get 2/12 each which is the same as 1/6. Sometimes I think our kids might think if there were less kids in our family we'd all get more lollies, but that would also mean we would also get more veggies at dinner time!!! Imagine if there was only Tessa and I at home and there were 12 lollies, we'd get 1/2 each! That would be 6/12! That'd be great!
    Maybe we should just buy more lollies and less veggies...what do you think?

    Great work kids!

    Love Margie

  5. Hi Middle S
    Fractions can be fun, and certainly get you thinking. It can get even trickier if you have a fraction of a fraction. For example what would 1/2 of 4/6 be? Fractions certainly become important when dividing up lollies or the last slice of cake don't they, so make sure you learn your fractions, so you get your equal share.
    Addition of fractions is also important to know, for example if you have 1/4, and a 1/2 of a quarter, of a one hour football game to go, how much longer is left to play?
    Happy thinking!


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