Friday, 3 August 2012

AFL Sports lesson

Today Ciaran, Matthew and Daniel ran a lesson teaching us AFL skills.
Here is a slide show of our lesson (done in our pyjamas as it was PJ day, when the whole school raises money for the homeless)
Reflections to follow...
Tessa - I liked the footy lesson because I learnt some new drills but I didn't like playing in my PJ's
Amber - I really enjoyed the footy lesson. It wasn't too over the top and it was good because we didn't have to do too much tackling
Rosie -  I liked doing footy skills because I liked learning different things. I didn't mind being in my PJ's and it was really fun
Chloe - I really liked doing the footy lesson because I learnt new things while I played and what to do while playing it and I liked playing in my PJ's

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  1. Hello,Middle S
    this is Gemma and Maddy
    i think it was really fun because we got to play football in our pj's but the bad thing is people around the world can see us in our pj's and they will laugh,and in pj's it makes me sleepy and i don't like playing in pj-Gemma
    i thinkit was really fun because i am not used to football and now i like playing and the bad thing was i don't like playing games in my pj's-Maddy


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