Friday, 3 August 2012

Our Excursion to the MCG...

...and the National Sports Museum.
Yesterday, the Middles pile onto one bus and travelled into the city to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the National Sports Museum. We had a one hour tour of the MCG and then spent some time discovering new things about the hsitory of the Olympics in the Museum. After this, we tried our hands (and feet) at some interactive sports/activities in Game On.
Our focus of Inquiry this term is Cultural Diversity and below are some of the things we noticed on our excursion that relate to this topic:
- The records at the MCG were from different countries, not just Australia
- The MCG staff told us about the history of cricket in other countries
- The first Test Team to travel to England to play cricket were Aboriginal
- Different countries have different flags, uniforms, mascots and torches
- All the cricket teams from other countries who visit the MCG to play are given their own rooms
- During the Ancient Olympics a wreath was used instead of medals

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day learning lots of things about sport, past and present, and about the MCG. Barb P


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