Friday, 30 November 2012

Art Class - look at how classy we are!

Today James took our art class and instructed us in the art of making avatars. James then went on to shoot and produce an iMovie of the session for you to enjoy. Can you tell what the inspiration is for some of our avatars?


  1. Wonderful work MiddleS and Ms Scott!
    Your art work looks amazing. James you are very clever making the iMovie and running the lesson. Maybe you could come and teach the seniors also?????
    I can't wait to be teaching such talented Middle Students next year.
    Well done everyone!
    Mrs Gridley

  2. James, and Middle S, you guys are AWESOME! Your creativity and ability to use technology to share our learning is wonderful. Looks like you had a lot of fun too!

    Mrs Klein

  3. Great work Middle S,
    So cool to have students teach each other and then to share it all with an iMovie from the class iPad !

    Mrs Coffa

  4. Hi James and Middle S,
    This looked like a fantastic art lesson. What a great way to show us what you are doing!
    I will show my Preps and find out if they could work out your inspiration for some of the avatars! Well done,
    Mrs David


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