Thursday, 15 November 2012

Professor Bunsen

On Tuesday, we were visited by a very clever scientist, who goes by the name Professor Bunsen.
He told the  Middles all about physics and chemistry and showed us many different experiments. Some of the things we did look like magical tricks, but Professor Bunsen explained the science behind every thing he did.

Some of the things we learned include:
I learnt that when you rub a balloon on thin hair, your hair will spike up and then if you get some tinsel and put it in front of the balloon, the tinsel floats up because of the build up of energy -Tessa
I learnt how air is so important and why we need it. We need air because we need to be able to open containers. I know this because Professor Bunsen took all of the air out of a container and it was impossible to take off the lid - Amber
Professor Bunsen said that if you are a scientist you never say, “impossible”. I also learnt that cotton is very flammable – Riley
With different chemical you can make different colours. I also leant that ping pong balls are made of cotton, not plastic – Dan S
If you put water in a bowl and then fill the rest of the bottle up with air, then overfill it with air, it will fly high in the sky and it will have a cloud inside. Ping pong balls are the only thing that’s explosive that’s allowed at the Olympic Games – Matt G
Chemistry isn’t about overflowing, bubbly things, it’s about chemicals, reactions, solids, liquids and gases - Laura
Chemistry is basically in everything – Gemma
A nappy is made of lots of chemicals and if you put turmeric and detergent together it changes to blood! – Ciaran
If you have one cup of hot water and one cup of cold water and you get a special fan in the cups it will generate power – Joe

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  1. I loved your thoughtful reflections, Middles.
    I especially connected to Laura's comment "more than overflowing, bubbly things!" I felt quite envious when I saw what fun you had learning about science.
    Mrs Yore

  2. Amazing Science! I wish I was there. What a great way to learn from an expert. Science is fun and so helpful. The more we know and understand about science the more we can make sense of the world around us.
    What will you do with all this new knowledge that you have?
    Thanks for sharing your learning.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

    1. I’m going to put it into my project – Amber
      I’m going to share it around to other people so they know and I’m also going to post it on my blog so the whole world can see – Gemma
      I’m going to research on it and put it into my project – Laura
      I’m going to make something with the knowledge – Dan S
      I’m going to help people understand more about chemistry and physics and I’m going to include some of the knowledge on my research project – Matt
      I won’t put cotton next to a fire and I’ll use my knowledge to inspire other kids – Riley
      I want to use the knowledge to help me in my project – Amelia
      I’m going to put all this knowledge onto my blog and help with my project – Ciaran
      I’m going to use this knowledge to make my project and make sure I know it for life – Patrick
      I’m going to email my cousin and tell her all the information I have learnt – Tessa
      I’m going to use this knowledge when I grow up and make something interesting – Ben
      I’m going to put it all on my poster/project – Georgia
      I’m not going to try anything dangerous and I’m going to remember what I learnt – Nick
      Maybe I will tell the power companies to start using other stuff apart from coal, because it is wrecking our modern world – Joe

    2. I'm going to tell my grandparents all about what I learnt- Chloe

  3. Wow I bet we all wish we had our own Professor Bunson at home - how cool was all that stuff!! I'm sure that this will inspire you all to explore and expand your knowledge about science.
    Australia is ready for our next Einstien!!
    Bring it on.

    Trudi G


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