Friday, 22 March 2013

Children's Book Festival

Some photos from our excursion to the State Library of Victoria. We're in the midst of preparing a Haiku Deck of images and questions about the day....Stay tuned....



  1. So Cool Middle S. The State library is one of my favourite places in Melbourne - for many reasons. I am glad you were able to share it !

    I am looking forward to hearing what questions you came up with !

  2. Hello Middle S - thanks for sharing your excursion photos to the State Library of Victoria. I have never been to the State Library of Victoria and look forward to learning about this from your posts.

  3. i like your work

  4. Hi,
    Was that fun? Because it looks really fun (:
    I have never been to the State Libray,I am going to ask mum if I can go.

  5. That looks like fun and who was on stage?:)


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