Monday, 18 March 2013

Our reflections on our St Patrick's Day

On Friday, our school celebrated St Patrick's Day by dressing up in green and eating green food. In the afternoon, Fintan did the "World's Greatest Shave" I wonder whether the Preps liked the day since it was their first time  - Madeline
Fintan did this to raise money for cancer/Leukemia - Natalie
The Social Justice Team were the ones who set up the stalls. It was a very brave effort that he shaved his hair off in front of the whole school. I wonder if anyone else will do this at our school? - Jack
Fintan raised over $1000!! When it happened I was freaked out and scared, because I had never seen someone shave their hair at school before - Kitty
When Fintan got his head shaved we found out how much we raised for him and what Fintan raised on his own - Alex
I was very surprised that Fintan got more than a $1000 and I was excited when I was going to see his hair shaved off - Adam
I was also excited about Fintan shaving his head and I think we all suppoerted him for Leukemia - Ruby
I think it was very nice of Fintan to shave his hair off and raise $1353 for the people who have Luekemia - Riley
I didn't think that he would actually shave his head - Travis
I thought St Patrick's Day was really good because we got to have green food and drink - Rosie


  1. I also liked St Patrick's day how good was it OMG

  2. It sounds like Friday was a fabulous day, with many varied things to see, do and eat!! Green food- any spinach?? It's actually one of my fav vegies!! Fintan was very courageous having his head shaved, but it was for a very important cause. We should always be grateful for our health :) and help those who are less fortunate. Well done Fintan, the Social Justice Team and teachers for organising the day.
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  3. Hi,
    Did you really raise that much money? We raised 1300$ for Caritas in Term 1.

  4. I am hearing that Fintan has inspired you by his support of others.He has displayed courage and commitment which has shown us that we can all make a difference in our world. Raising money on St Patrick's Day for Caritas shows that our community at St Luke's has compassion for others.


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