Thursday, 18 July 2013

Middle S doing fractions

We did more than play with playdoh today! We also looked at different types of fractions and how we could make fractions. We found different ways to make fractions by creating shapes and partitioning them into equal parts - this was also our Learning Intention for the day :)
What kind of fractions do you think you could make? How?

Thanks to Will for downloading the photos then uploading them to create the slide show and embedding it in the blog.

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  1. Dear Middle S,
    Fractions!!! Love them. If you use concrete materials like playdoh and really get to understand partition of a whole number then the equivalency of fractions will make more sense. Then there are wonderful things you can do like add the fractions and use proper and improper fractions. Fractions can be great to use and are common in everyday life alongside decimals- another story.
    Enjoy work with fractions and continue to share your learning. I really enjoy hearing what you are doing.
    Mrs Clark


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