Friday, 26 July 2013

Our art lesson about colours!

On the 25/7/13 Middle S made pictures with colours that reflected emotions. We were talking about what colours mean, like orange means you might be tired, blue means calm, purple is relaxed and red can be for angry. We brainstormed lots of colours and the emotions that go with them and then we looked at a website about the psychology of colours We discovered that we already have a good understanding of the relationship between colour and how we are feeling.
How do you feel when you see certain colours?
Do certain colours make you feel a particular way?


  1. Thanks for your pictures Middle S.

    Green is the colour that always makes me happy.

    Mrs Klein

  2. My favourite colour is Yellow but some days I really like blue and purple too! It must depend on my mood perhaps! I really enjoyed seeing all the artwork today it really cheered me up, I'd love to see more artwork on the blog in future. Dellas

  3. What great pictures, colours are fantastic - my favourite colour is blue (all the different shades)
    Lynda KS (Natalie's Mom)

  4. Hi Middle S,

    My favourite colour is blue because it makes me feel calm. Your pictures used some wonderful colours. I can't wit to see your artwork for the Trivia Night!


    Mrs David

  5. Kim O'Connell30 July 2013 at 13:41

    Hi Middle S. Have a read of Riley's book - My many coloured days by Dr Suess. See if the colours in the book match your moods. Personally, my favourite colours are pink, tangerine and pale green. I am looking forward to the warmer weather so we can all get out in our bright, happy clothes.

  6. Middle S Today is the beginning of Spring and a wonderful day to think about colour. I wonder if the spring flowers are colourful for a reason???
    from Mrs Purcell


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