Friday, 21 March 2014

Reading to the kinder kids

Over 6 sessions over the the last two weeks, the Middles have visited a local pre-school to read to and play with students in the 4 year old kinder program. It has been an invaluable experience for all our students, and they have learnt as much as the kinder students, albeit in different ways. Below are some of our reflections about "returning" to kinder:

On different dates this term the Middles are all going to Indra Pre-school to read to the kinder kids. The point of us going there to read to them is to help with their reading and because of our Inquiry. Indra pre-school is part of the community – Alex
We went there to help answer our rich question in Inquiry, “How does belonging to a community contribute to our wellbeing?” I really enjoyed it because it was a great experience. I have friends who have siblings who don’t go to kinder yet and I was thinking I could help them - Molly
I made a new friend when I went to Indra Pre-school last week. The reason we went there was to teach the children by reading and to play with them – Cooper
Having fun with the kinder kids, so that both us could get some fresh air – Will H
There were all these types of games you could play with the students there. It was fun playing with more than one kid. The reason we went there was to help with and learn more about our community and our Inquiry topic – Adol
They got to learn how to read from the Middles – Natalia
I learnt that little children interrupt a lot, but I would stop reading and listen to what they were saying. It sort of helped with both of our learning. What I did with the children is if they didn’t understand a word I would tell them what it means – James
When we were there we learnt how they move, work and what they do at kinder – Oliver
The kinder kids were really interested in the books we had. It helps develop their minds – Lachie B
I think that the little kinder kids really enjoyed us reading to them, because they wanted to read another book – Jessica
I was think it’s really good to go to Indra because it’s like going to see what it is like when we were younger – Keira
We didn’t only go there to read. We also go there to help them learn things for when they go to school – Grace
I think going to Indra preschool can help with our reading as well. We can ask them if they know a word and then we can help them sound it out - Lauren

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  1. Hi Middles,
    This was a wonderful initiative and I hope that we can continue it.
    We only truly become part of a community when we are willing to participate in making a difference in that community.
    Your reflections indicate that you are definitely working towards answering your big question.
    Did you know there are thousands of people everyday who volunteer in their communities helping the elderly, raising money, working with the disabled and visiting hospitals and nursing homes? Without these unpaid heroes many programs would not be available.
    It's amazing but when you give time and effort to others you gain so much yourself. I think that you are beginning to understand that. I hope that next time you go to a community event or play your weekend sport that you have an understanding that without the volunteers, some of whom are your parents, clubs and events would not exist.Hopefully you will consider contributing further to your community.


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