Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Market day!

On Sunday, it was Market Day. Market Day was all about having fun and raising money for our school. There were lots of fun rides, like the Scrambler. The rides were super-fun when they went spinning around. We had different stalls and some of our kids do some of their talents. We also had Sion and Whitefiriars perform their songs.
People from the local community came to Market Day and they all had lots of fun exploring the stalls and the rides. We raised a lot of money. The lolly stall was run by the SRC and it sold out VERY quickly. There was a chocolate coin toss. It went very quickly because there were heaps of people going there to get chocolates. There were also some other games like a hammer crush. There were chocolates called Jaffas and you had to smash them with a hammer when they came down the tube.
If you arrived early you got to help people unload their equipment. I got to unload a goat and walk it to the petting zoo - Jenny.
I made someone cry....by singing - Jamie
When I did the chocolate coin toss I got 2 big chocolates - Jack


  1. Hi Middle S, Wow what awesome photos. It was a lot of fun attending Market Day, the atmosphere was lovely. I thought the petting farm was a big plus addition to market day. I was very proud of Grace & Kitty for their performance. Have a great day from Sonya

  2. Hi Middle S, Congratulations on a fabulous day being the market day. I volunteered on the fairy floss stall. I enjoyed seeing huge smiles from the children as I was making their fairy floss and had lots of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and looking at the different stalls. It was great to see the people from the community enjoying the day as well. I enjoyed the different performances on the day, very entertaining. Have a great day Vicky

  3. It was such a great day and everybody I saw was having such a good time! A terrific community effort with everybody at St Lukes working together. See you soon! Mrs Molly

  4. Megan Stefanec3 April 2014 at 07:44

    Congratulations Middle S for contributing towards a fabulous St Luke's Market Day. Well done to the children who stepped onto the stage to perform and entertain friends and family - you are very talented and very brave!


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