Friday, 4 April 2014

Genius Hour in 2014

This term Middle S have been doing Genius Hour. For one hour each week, they investigated a rich question of their choosing, on any topic they like. Here are our reflections on Genius Hour this term...

Cooper - I thought genius hour was a great way to not just learn about the same as everyone else, because not many people could know what I wanted to learn about.
Angelo – I thought it was fun, because…
Natalia – It was fun learning about Polar Bears and where they live and what they eat
Sienna – I thought it was really interesting learning about elephants because they’re my favourite animal and it was fun learning about where they live and what sort of food they eat. Some of the food they eat is very healthy for them.
Jamie – I thought that genius hour was a great opportunity for everyone to learn about a subject they want to learn about. You can learn with a partner.
Jake – it was really fun because you learn more about the living things in the world and it also contributes to my wellbeing by teaching me new things.
Lachie – it was good because you can get more information from websites, then show it to your friends so they can get more information
Adol – I thought it was a great idea because you could learn and get more information about something. I also think the person who made ‘genius hour’ is a genius
Molly – I think it’s a great chance to learn what we want and have fun, even if I didn’t do it properly (because it didn’t turn out how I expected)
Ryan – I like Genius Hour because it takes you to a learning position and it makes you learn whatever you want to do.
James – I like Genius Hour because you can learn more about things you don’t know much about.
Natasha – I love Genius Hour because it educates you and if you don’t know something about someone or something you can learn about that person or thing.
Jenny – you can learn about the environment and what can help the animals and to make them better.
Riley – I think Genius Hour is entertaining because you can choose what you want to do and that makes it fun. If the whole class is doing the same thing it’s not as fun and it makes me feel special
Jacob – Genius Hour is fun because we can learn new educational things that you want to learn about.
Jack – I think GH is great because I did a science experiment which was making bread. It was great because I made it and the class thought I was famous because I made the bread. It was yummy!

Grace – it was really fun because you get to learn about different things and you learn new skills.

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