Friday, 25 April 2014

Learning about Science with Professor Bunsen

Yesterday, a scientist visited our school to share his knowledge and understanding of chemistry, physics and earth science with the Middles. Along with biology, these are the four branches of science that we will be exploring this term. Professor Bunsen introduced us to a lot of new information to do with science.

On Friday all of the middles came to see Professor Bunsen. He did lots of amazing experiments – Lachlan
These are some of the things he did
.set his hand on fire (he didn’t die!) He did this by dipping his hand in water, then scooped up some soapy bubbles, then lit his hand with a stove lighter
.made loud noises. He popped a balloon using a lighter up close to it - Natalia
.made a new fuel that could be used in the future
.did lots of dangerous stuff with fire
.made movie blood and snow (the snow was made out of nappies!)
.if you rub atoms to your hair it sticks
I learnt that you can mix chemicals in a cup and rub your hands together and hold them over the cup and it makes the chemicals rise. I also found out you can you can make ‘elephant toothpaste’ out of peroxide and a different acid. If you put your hand in it, it can burn it – Cooper
I looked on his website and I watched a video. It showed that if you fill a bowl up with water, put some special powder in it and mix it for a long time it will gradually turn into wet snow. You can also put food dye in it to change the colour – Grace
I learnt that you can mix more than just one or two chemicals. That there are 1000’s. – Natasha
I learnt that if you put water in a balloon, blow it up and put fire against the bit with water it won’t pop. If you move it away from the water it will pop – Jamie
I learnt that if you put water in a can, put holes in the can, then light it underneath and it will spin and make steam – Jenny
You can power electricity with one magnet and any tube. The magnet was moving back and forth, there was copper wires around the tube and the magnet moved – Adol
When Professor Bunsen came in everyone was exited. He tort us about earth and space and he did lots of experiments everyone had a great time – Jake
I heard that some of the experiments were made out of kitchen ingredients –Riley

I learnt a lot. I learnt that you can make false blood with turmeric – Molly 

If YOU met Professor Bunsen, what questions would you like to ask him? Maybe we could help....

In keeping with this new field of Inquiry for Middle S, our blog has a new look (what do you notice about the spine of those books?) and a new widget - the Periodic table of elements. 


  1. What a great way to learn about Science.
    It is always fun and beneficial to learn from an expert. I am looking forward to hearing about what you learnt and what really amazed you???
    I wonder if Professor Bunsen could explain why vinegar and bi-card soda have such an explosive reaction when combined?
    Thanks for sharing your learning.
    Mrs Gridley :)

  2. Hi Middle S,
    Love the new widget! I once knew all those symbols...sadly....things sometimes empty out of your head! I am looking forward to hearing your questions and to seeing how this inquiry progresses.

    Mrs Yore

  3. Hi Middle S, all this talk about Science is making me curious! I'm looking forward to finding out about what you learn! Mrs Molly

  4. Hello Middles,
    I love Science! I hope that your time with Professor Bunsen made you think about other things you would like to discover - about the world, our earth and sky, nature, how things work etc etc..... The Juniors are learning about Science and Scientists. Maybe we could share what we have learnt with you at the end of the term. You could in turn share your learning with us.

    Mrs Fitt

  5. What a great inquiry. All those questions about how, why and when things happen. I can't wait to hear what your going to learn next and your outcomes.

    Mrs Lethlean

  6. That sounds like so much fun! What a great visit!
    I wish I got to see it too
    Chrissy (Jenny's Mum)

  7. Love Professor Bunsen's name! Sounds like he had everyone's attention with his experiments. Good luck with all of yours. I'll look forward to hear about them.
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)


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