Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Student Art Lessons

Last week, Cooper ran an art class. He asked everyone to put sticky tape in a cool design, on an A3 sheet of white paper, colour it in, then take off the tape.
Here's a collage of us making our colourful creations. If you want to to see them in real life have a look outside our classroom.

If you could teach any lesson on Art what would YOU teach?


  1. This is a great photo and the art looks interesting, I might try it with my class. Thanks for giving me an idea Middle S.

  2. The art work looks very interesting on the collage. Lots of bright colours, interesting shapes and most importantly smiling faces. I will definitely be checking out the finished product. I love seeing all your work. Thanks Rachel - Jacobs MUM

  3. That is a great idea Coop!
    Well done
    The works are lovely
    Chrissy (Jenny's Mum)

  4. I love the way students in this class lead the art lessons. The results are truly inspiring! Art was always my favourite subject at school. If I could go back in a time machine to my school, I would ask the students to draw an ancient tree in pastel and then put on a blue and green wash with food dye.

    Mrs Yore

  5. Hi Middle S,
    I had a lot of fun doing the tape art. I think everyone's art looks fantastic. What was your favourite art that we have done? Mine was definitely this one so far. I hope we do some exciting and enjoyable art tomorrow.
    Sienna Maccora

    1. I don't have a favourite because they've all been fun - Molly

  6. On Thursday Cooper taught Middes how to do tape art. You can do ways you like! I did squars, we used paper, stickytape and pastels, we all had a great time!!!


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