Friday, 23 May 2014

Stuff we read this week

I was asking Middle S about the reading strategies they were using this week and it turned into a discussion about what they've read this week. Below is the list of everything they read and how:
 • Chapter books • Speed limit signs • Takeaway menus • Posters in class • Bunny food bag • Video game titles • Catalogues • Writing on cars • TV guide • Collection of stories • Library books • Books in iBook • Books on Kindle • Lists of games on mum’s phone • Blurbs on DVD’s • My dog’s collar • Pop ups on the iPad • Read my cousin’s Facebook profile • Scary stories • Comics • Text messages • Emails • Siri’s replies • Talking Angela app • Favourite tickets from concerts • Subtitles of favourite movies • Football records • Magazines • Competitions on the internet • Typing app on phone • Descriptions of things on eBay • App for shopping • Comments and titles on YouTube • Signs on the side of the road • Big billboards in the city • Homework Tasks • TV ads • The school sign • Genius Hour projects • Messages on Club Penguin • Information on side of shoe box • People’s faces • Pictures • Movie times in the newspaper • The time • Ingredients and methods in cookbooks • Websites in other languages (trying!) • Computer toolbars • The class timetable • People’s t-shirts • Party posters in the street • Shop windows • Names on pictures • Information on google • Numbers on a counting chart • Name tags • Calendars • Garage sale posters • Interactive whiteboard • This list

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