Monday, 2 June 2014

Rite of Reconciliation

On Saturday, some of the grade 3’s celebrated their First Reconciliation.
Our First Reconciliation is where you say sorry to the priest and are forgiven. It’s a way of reuniting with God. These are our thoughts about the day – Molly
First we had to go to Father and we said things we had done in the past and we wanted Father to forgive us for what we did not do right. We don’t tell these things to others very often, but this is a way to tell someone what we've done wrong and it feels better  - Natalia
We would come up with our parents and we said a special prayer with Father – Oscar
When we finished talking to father our parents took us to light our candle – Sienna
It feels good to say what you’re sorry for and that you won’t do it again – Jack

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