Monday, 16 June 2014

Buildings with a View

Today, for maths, we investigated shapes by making buildings of unusual shapes using blocks. We looked at them from different angles to see what effect it had - Molly
We looked at the buildings from different angles - the front view and side view. They looked different from both views - James
All of us got 30 blocks and a sheet of paper with a grid on it. At the bottom were different 'buildings' with numbers of blocks in each section - Jamie
I learnt how to tell the difference between the side view and a front view - Cooper
I discovered a strategy at the end which is an easier way to figure out the shapes. Look at the grid with the numbers and find the biggest number in each column, so you can draw the right number of squares in our grid books - Adol
If you look an angle and cover one eye you can't see the side of the blocks - Lachie


  1. Well Done Middle S! Do you know I did this at university while studying engineering. Rita (Angelo's mum)

    1. Thank you for giving us feedback - Molly
      It was really cool that you studied that at University - Sienna
      I think it's good for us to be learning something at a University level - Adol
      Do you think it is good for children our age to learn this? How long were you learning about this? - Cooper
      This was very easy - Ryan
      Why did you do this at University? - Natalia
      Why do you think it's helpful to learn this? - Jacob

  2. That is very interesting! It probably also helps you in other ways, looking at perspective and depth perception... I look forward to seeing your art work after thinking about shapes in this way!! Mrs Molly


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